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High School Staff
Daily High School Schedule
Breakfast 7:30AM – 7:55AM
Period 1 8:00AM – 9:03AM
Period 2 9:06AM – 10:09AM
Period 3 10:12AM – 11:15AM
Period 4 11:18AM – 12:22PM
Lunch 12:22PM – 12:48PM
Period 5 12:50PM – 1:15PM
Period 6 1:18PM – 2:20PM
Period 7 2:23PM – 3:13PM
Period 8 3:16PM – 4:06PM
College Prep Testing Information
1. SAT: The SAT is the nation’s most widely used college admission exam. Every student will take the SAT their Junior year here at Plateau Valley HS in the Spring. The College Board's mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. College Board services include college readiness, college admission, guidance, assessment, financial aid, enrollment, and teaching and learning. 

2. ACT: The ACT is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides a broad array of assessment, research, information, and program management solutions in the areas of education and workforce development. 

3. Accuplacer: The Accuplacer test is used to assess student preparedness for introductory credit-bearing college courses and concurrent enrollment courses.

4. ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery): The ASVAB is administered by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command, used to determine qualification for enlistment in the United States Armed Forces.