BEST Grant Overview

PVSD was awarded a $26.6 million BEST grant this spring--the largest grant awarded (out of 48 school district applicants) and accounts for more than 25% of all available funds awarded. The BEST Grant is awarded using an objective scale–the Facility Condition Index–that assesses the physical condition and educational adequacy of school facilities. The PVS facility was evaluated in 2022 and was found to be in “poor” or “critical” condition according to this index. Specifically, anything with a value of .61 or more is considered “poor” or “critical,” and the PVS building scored .81 – the highest score–representing the greatest need–for all BEST grant applications and thus resulting in the largest BEST grant award.

The grant requires a 60% local match. To come up with the local match and be able to take advantage of this grant funding, we are exploring a bond election this November. Should the bond fail to pass and provide matching dollars, the grant will go to another school.

BEST grant details