Update from PVS

Updated 5/30/2024We're excited to share some updates on the ongoing construction at our school!

The builder's site is now set up on the east side of the practice fields. A new road is being built along the property's north side for contractor use. Don't worry, the practice, soccer, and football fields will be available through October 2024. Our crew is closely monitoring soil conditions and water saturation to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Our "Make Ready" crew is eager to start! The main school building will undergo a few transformations to get ready for the new school year in August. We’ll share more details soon. Mark your calendars for June 7th and 14th—you’re invited to come look through salvageable items, check out the progress, and say goodbye to the old spaces.

The demolition crew will arrive in June. This summer, we'll be saying farewell to:

  • Jr. High (Middle School)
  • The last couple of elementary classrooms
  • The FFA shop
  • The transportation building
  • The concession stand
  • But don't worry—everyone has a temporary home/plan, thanks to our amazing Make Ready crew!

Facilities will be open during the demolition phase for summer programs, and our coaching staff will keep athletes updated on any changes. Signage will need to be closely followed. Only key areas will have internet while the Make Ready crews are working for school to open in August.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work on these important improvements to our school. Stay tuned for more updates!