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Class Start
Family 8:00:00 AM
Period 1 8:22:00 AM
Period 2 9:27:00 AM
BREAK 10:30:00 AM
Period 3 10:40:00 AM
LUNCH 12:00:00 PM
Period 4 12:40:00 PM
BREAK 2:10:00 PM
Period 5 2:20:00 PM
GMHS Mission

Cultivating a pathway toward success for our diverse and academically underserved students. We initiate and promote the value for individualized academic progress and growth in a blended learning experience. We nurture the development of character and effective learning behaviors.

Grand Mesa High School’s unique partnership with the Collbran Job Corps Center provides additional opportunities for students to become productive, workforce-ready citizens through vocational and extracurricular endeavors within a year-around, safe learning and living environment.

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Facts about Grand Mesa High School
  • GMHS has been educating Collbran Job Corps' students since 1987.

  • GMHS is an accredited, Tier 1 high school, and is one of Colorado's Alternative Education Campus (AEC).

  • GMHS is five days a week, year-around in order to follow the student's federal schedule, including federal holidays off.

  • Teachers are contracted for 214 days, two weeks in the summer, three weeks in the winter and time to use as desired.

  • Students are between the ages of 16-24, and have about two years in the program.

  • Job Corps is a continuous enrollment program and provides about nine graduation ceremonies a year.

  • Students live on campus and are provided three meals a day.

  • Students must complete their trade to earn their diploma. GMHS provides the core-credits for a total of 22 credits to graduate.

  • Ultimate goal is for student to complete a pathway - go to work in trade, or further their training through JC's advanced training, military or college.

Located on CJCCC Campus