NEW REQUIREMENT for PRESCRIPTION or SCHEDULED MEDICATIONS The PV School Nurse’s Office will not accept any prescription medications or scheduled medications to be given at school without signed physician orders. Please provide CURRENT SIGNED PHYSICIAN ORDERS when dropping off medications in the Nurse’s Office.

Thank you!
Rachel Bieser, Student Health Aide Susie Bevan, Registered Nurse

Reminder from the Nurse office:

Reminder from the Nurse office:

For 2020-2021 Kindergarten students and 6th grade students. Please have your child see their healthcare provider to update their immunizations for this school year! If you have any questions please call the health office at 487-3547 ext. 219

Parents of incoming kindergarten, 6th grade and new students

Dear Parents of Incoming Kindergarten, 6th grade students, and new incoming students,

Please don’t forget to have your child see their physician over the summer to get updated on their immunizations that are required to return to school in August. The new laws for exempting your child can be found on the school website. All new students will need to provide an updated copy of your child’s immunizations upon registration. If you have any questions on what immunizations your child needs, or the new exemption laws, please feel free to call the school health office, your physician or Mesa County Health Department at 970-248-6900